My True life story and Testimony

I'm Omonike Many call me "Nikky" My husband is chidozie an handsome man who married beautiful Wife Omonike..

Without taking much of your time, let me quickly tell you my true life story.

Dear Friend,

In September 14th, 2014 my husband walked out of our marriage without any reason, he left me with a 3years old kid and a five-month-old pregnant, I was devastated.

The discovery that he had been having an affair throughout my second pregnancy was shocking and shattered the 24-year-old's self-esteem. This was not helped when a month later, my beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair began to fall out.
'It was a horrific time,' Hmmm. 'My world fell apart. I thought I was happily married, we'd planned the baby together, but when he told me he no longer loved me, everything came crashing down around me.

'I couldn't eat or sleep properly - all I could do was cry. My heart was well and truly broken. And to top it all, my hair was falling out in front of my eyes. It didn't occur to me for one second that the two might be connected.'
At first, I assumed i was experiencing the hair loss many women go through after pregnancy, but as the months went by, my hair continued to get thinner and grey started coming out. Then, one morning, i glanced at my reflection and realised i could clearly see the top of my scalp.
The lowest point was when I visited a popular salon at lekki, Lagos to ask if there was anything they could do. 'The stylist tried to mask a look of disgust and called over her supervisor,' she says. 'She took one look at me and shrieked: “There's no way I'm touching that!” '

Humiliated, I went to see my GP, who took a blood test, which recorded worryingly high levels of androgen, a hormone that some people produce in excess in response to stress.
I was referred to a dermatologist (many hair problems are classified as skin disorders and the NHS tends to refer cases to dermatologists rather than trichologists), who came to the conclusion that my hair loss was caused by the stress of the break-up and there is no solution because is already late. I was so sad that very day, why? My beauty is fading and i can not open my hair in public any longer.

Then I started buying and using different types of treatment, name that treatment that i did not use but no result infact i was tired of spending money...

One day i was browsing internet, checking facebook updates because i need something that can makes me laugh though i was not happy that was how i came across my hair saviour.

Guess what?


I recovered my beauty after i discovered permanent solution to my hair loss problem. As a matter of fact you need to see my testimony secret.


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